the Concept

The Idea:

The project was born from the observation of the exponential increase in economic and social vulnerability, identifying that one of the possible solutions to this emergency is the creation of innovative business models.

With the SIMPLE project we want to identify sustainability paths, business models and impact measurement methodologies that consider the specific characteristics of SMEs by capitalizing on good business practices at national, European and international level.

Furthermore, it aims to identify the relevant competencies needed to establish such a transformational path within SMEs.

Specific objectives:

1) Develop a TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL BUSINESS INNOVATION with related skills on strategic paths, business models, organizational processes, measurement tools with the development and systematic adoption of a shared blended training offer (IO1)

2) Promote digital integration in learning activities aimed at increasing the competences defined in IO1 with the co-design and development of (IO2) INTERACTIVE AND GAMIFICATE OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES:

  • Open Educational Resources, in the form of interactive video pills 
  • SIM-Game (Social Impact Measurement Game)

3) Develop and standardize methods and tools to measure and manage social impact in target SMEs against the planned social innovation objectives (IO3) by adopting a SOCIAL IMPACT MEASUREMENT PLAN

4) Align 24 partnership trainers and consultants, involved in two transnational mobilities for:

  • acquire the methodological references of INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN to elaborate the contents of the OER to be realized by producing interactive, training video pills and GAME-BASED LEARNING
  • implement the functional plan to guide the target SMEs to measure social impact and guide learners in its application in target companies during company check-ups.