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ISRE is a private non-profit association established in 1990 and recognized by the Veneto Region. Among its members are the Salesian Province of San Marco, the Donboscoland Association, the Veneto Cnos-Fap Federation. He was inspired by evangelical values and, more specifically, by the Salesian educational tradition, with particular attention to the world of young people and to those involved in their education and formation.

It operates mainly in the educational field, organizing study and research activities, training of trainers, highly qualified courses, also through programs that support the development of knowledge and the experimentation of innovative experiences and good practices at national and international level.

ISRE is a training institution accredited by the Veneto Region in the field of continuing education and has obtained the recognition of the legal status of private law by the Veneto Region. To pursue its mission, it makes use of a network of collaborations with public and private entities, among which the IUSVE, the Salesian University Institute of Venice, stands out in particular, with which it has started collaborations and fundamental synergies for the achievement of the objectives set.

ISRE operates through a structure that currently has 6 full-time employees, who work in the field of planning, management and coordination of interventions, and about twenty specialist collaborations, in the field of teaching and training and educational consultancy.

These collaborations are often represented by academic or highly qualified profiles, who also have practical work experience in companies or organizations in the education, training or non-profit world.

Isre has a Steering Committee with guidance and control functions, whose president is prof. Arduino Salatino. The operational direction of the institution is entrusted to dott. Roger Segatto.

The members of the structure have all had experience in the planning, management and coordination of European or national projects funded by the ESF.

ISRE is also a member of IUS Net, the international network of Salesian research institutes and universities which includes over 50 companies worldwide.

Only in the last year ISRE has created, collaborating with partners such as FIDAE, FISM, ConfapiPadova, Confindustria Veneto, University of Padua, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Coldiretti Veneto, Engim Veneto, Intesa San Paolo Formazione:

– training and support activities for companies in the context of internationalization and managed management processes;

– training and support activities for companies in order to enhance their corporate assets as an element of enrichment for the territory;

– training activities for students and teachers on new digital teaching methods;

– training and consultancy activities for school teachers on teaching methodologies and in particular on interventions dedicated to children and young people with Special Educational Needs.

Francesco Majorana

Ruggero Segatto

PRISM Consulting is a Limited Liability Company with significant experience gained in the field of professional training, corporate digital communication, production and post-production of audiovisual and cinematographic products, gaming and gamification. In particular, the Company is able to:

  • Design and implement experiential and online training courses, virtual learning environments, to update and consolidate the skills of individuals and companies
  • Create audiovisual, cinematographic and transmedia products of social and corporate storytelling at a multi-sector level
  •  Create and manage interactive solutions that adopt holograms, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), to provide users, using different devices, information, technical, promotional, etc. contents, personalized by type of client company
  • Design and develop games and gamification solutions to generate entertainment, catalysing knowledge of museum spaces or corporate contexts to be promoted and enhanced also in terms of tourism development
  • Design and creation of websites and graphic solutions for brands and corporate identities.

Virginia Rosania

Alfonso Santaniello

The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona is a Spanish non-profit association of industrial and commercial companies, professionals and traders who wish to work actively to develop economic relations in Europe, especially between Italy and Spain.

Active for more than 100 years in the area, the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona is also officially recognized by the Italian Government, as a strategic actor for the support in bilateral cooperation and for the assistance to entrepreneurs in their association.

Rossella Coppola

Founded in 1975 and expanded in 1997 by the merger with SEFES, PIMEC is today the most representative employers’ confederation representing and defending the interests of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the self-employed in Catalonia. PMI corresponds to the definition provided by the European Commission in Recommendation 2003/361/EC.

PIMEC is the most representative social agent in Catalonia. Participates in 300 boards of directors and working committees with public administrations and the most representative social actors. Furthermore, it regularly expresses opinions on legislative initiatives and public policies and formulates proposals to defend and represent the interests of SMEs and self-employed workers. This task is developed both in Catalonia at all levels (local, regional and autonomous community) and throughout Spain and Europe.

The objective of PIMEC is to raise awareness and work so that economic policy is conceived as an engine to favor the development of SMEs and the self-employed, the main sector of activity in Catalonia, as they represent more than 99.8% of all businesses, 70% of jobs and 65% of GDP in our country.

PIMEC watches over the interests of SMEs and the self-employed through its presence as a social agent in boards of directors and committees, as well as lobbying actions in key sectors of interest to SMEs and their competitiveness.

M. Angels Benitez

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute of Business Education is one of the education and training providers with the longest tradition in Slovenia. Attention to educational needs in the labor market has led CPU to become one of the largest adult education providers in Slovenia. The mission of the CPU (Institute for business education) is to provide enterprises with high-quality, modern and applicable knowledge enriched with national and international experiences and examples of good business practices according to the principle “from practice to practice”. The CPU strives to provide useful knowledge and be a link between the job market and education.

Mojca Cek

In its 12 years of activity the team of the “Kauzi” foundation works for the motivation, career and personal development of young people and young people with disabilities. The Foundation organized 8 national and two international youth entrepreneurial markets with participants from Serbia. In this period, over 700 young people have benefited from information services, 300 have received advice on entrepreneurship, education, professional development, social integration and over 300 have participated in training courses organized by the foundation.

The foundation currently runs the Kauzi Youth Information and Counseling Center which offers free training and counseling to young people. It has experts in various fields: ‘Career Development’, ‘Entrepreneurship’, ‘Social Integration’, youth worker.

Bilyana Kamburova

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences is a public university offering a broad range of scientific fields in the fields of social and political theory and research: international and European studies, science and media, sociology, social anthropology, psychology, political science, history, social policy, public administration, and economic and regional development. Panteion University has shaped the development of the relevant scientific fields in Greece through a long and distinguished history of educational research and social contribution.

Maria Tsampras