the Results

The results of the project are:

1. DEVELOPMENT OF A SHARED BLENDED TRAINING OFFER, innovative and adhering to the real needs of companies and workers, consistent with the specificities of the national reference contexts of the partnership

2. Co-design and development of:

  • Open Educational Resources, in the form of interactive video pills
  • SIM-Game (Social Impact Measurements Game) which, exploiting the logic of gaming and gamification, will take the form of an interactive ludic-didactic container structured in episodes, each of which correlated to the skills and related OERs, capable of scanning the evaluation process concomitantly with learning, generating involvement, motivation and self-awareness.


3. Systemic adoption in the target SMEs of a common methodological guide to implement a social impact measurement system (IO3 – SOCIAL IMPACT MEASUREMENT PLAN) which will then be applied to the beneficiary companies of the project