the Results

The results of the project are:

1. DEVELOPMENT AND SYSTEMATIC ADOPTION OF A BLENDED SHARED TRAINING OFFER, innovative and adherent to the real needs of companies and workers, consistent with the specificities of the national contexts of reference of the partnership (see IO1 – TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND CORPORATE SOCIAL INNOVATION)

2. Co-design and development of: 

  • a) Open Educational Resources, in the form of interactive video pills 
  • b) SIM-Game (Social Impact Measurements Game) which, by exploiting the logic of gaming and gamification, will be configured as an interactive ludic-didactic container structured in episodes, each of which correlated to the competences and the relative OERs, capable of scanning the evaluation process in a concomitant manner with learning, generating engagement, motivation and self-awareness. (IO2 – OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INTERACTIVE AND GAMIFICATED)

3. Creation and development, also beyond the life cycle of the project, of a transnational network of European trainers and consultants that will consolidate and follow up, keeping alive over time, the synergic action between organizational and training leverage to support European SMEs in the path to be undertaken to orient their business model towards sustainability and social impact, favoring a rapid and effective transition from know-that to know-how 

4. Systemic adoption in the target SMEs of a common methodological guide to implement a social impact measurement system (IO3 – SOCIAL IMPACT MEASUREMENT PLAN) which will then be applied on the beneficiary companies of the project